Unleash Your Healthy Self

How To Heal Your Body, Relieve Chronic Pain, And Restore Vitality, Happiness & Health Using The Power of Thought & Emotion

These methods have been proven on literally 1,000's of my patients during my 30 years of being an emotional healer. Now it's your turn! 

Dear friend, If you suffer from a chronic disease that doctors can't seem to help you with... or if you want to take control of your life and bring back joy, health and vitality to you life... then read on, because the content on this page could change your life. 

My name is Joan Jacobs. I am an emotional healer with 30 years experience. I've helped 1,000's of patients turn their life around and heal their body!

Joan Jacobs - Internationally Recognized Emotional Healing Expert

But I wasn't always the happy, strong and healthy woman I am today. I'll never forget how frustrated and helpless I felt when I was desperately searching for a solution for the severe Psoriasis I had. Every time I tried a new healing method, I started out with high hopes but kept ending up in the same dead-end abyss of disappointment and despair. I was angry, miserable and felt just plain jinxed. Healing methods seem to work for everyone else - but not for me. Luckily, I had a therapist who was fed up with my defeatist attitude.

She said two things that were to change the entire course of my life FOREVER...



She explained that as long as I refuse to take responsibility for my life and I continue to choose anger and frustration over changing what's going on inside me...I will continue to suffer!

OUCH.. That Felt Harsh....

What does she mean “Take Responsibility”? How do you do that? How am I supposed to change what is going on inside of me? I have a right to be angry! People don`t want to be near me. They are afraid they will get it, too. Doctors should be able to fix this! They must have something to keep me from breaking out in these ugly looking patches of dry, itchy skin! I SO wanted to deny...SO wanted to pass off my lack of success at getting rid of this terrible condition, onto someone or something else. 

Her words felt like someone pouring a bucket of ice down my back. It took my breath away. I rebelled. I hadn’t ask for this! It just happened to me. There should be someone who knows how to make it go away. 

By that point it was clear to me that doctors were not going to resolve my condition!

I was looking for a totally new approach. Deep down inside, I intuitively knew that she was 100% right. As hard and embarrassing as it was, I had to admit that I did anything in my power to avoid addressing the real, hard-core issues I had bottled up. I held those that tried to help me responsible for my failure to heal. I refused to listen. I thought I knew it all and I insisted that the process be done my way! She forced me to confront the clear-cut fact that...

Until I address my demons, my physical symptoms were there to stay!

With my back up against the wall, I had no choice but to reboot and start from scratch...

First I identified and released the negative beliefs and emotions I had. I realized that I was living with beliefs that dishonored me, my truth and what I value. I discovered that I was full of rage, resentment, frustration, sorrow and desperation – an impressive collection of emotional toxins that kept my body diseased.

Then came the SHIFT...

I learned how to choose beliefs that empower me and resolve emotional conflict and trauma, some of which I had been carrying for years! As the process unfolded, I started feeling tangible relief in every aspect of my life. My performance significantly improved and my body started to heal!

Today I am fully in charge of my life. I create what's going on inside me consciously and intentionally. For the most part, my skin is totally clean. If I start to itch - I know I'm off balance and know how to get myself back on track.

I know that you know what I'm talking about

I'm sure that you are somewhere along the same road. You wouldn't be here if that wasn't the case! I crossed the bridge and reached the other side safely. So have the thousands of people I've guided in the 30 years that I've been in practice as an emotional healer.

Healing your life is the most effective way to heal your body! 

It's how I healed mine. It’s the way my clients heal theirs. (I invite you to read some of their testimonies further down this page.) Here is how I'm going to help you heal yours:

I will give you a structured plan of action that will take you step-by-step on a journey of emotional and physical transformation...so that you heal yourself, your life an your body!

I will show you how to pinpoint and resolve the specific underlying issues associated with your physical and emotional condition, so that the process is as time and cost effective as possible! I'll also be there for you in moments of doubt, confusion and contemplation! The only relevant question is:


  • If you're tired of suffering...
  • If you're fed up with therapies that don't work...
  • If you're ready to let go of emotional conflict and heal emotional wounds...
  • If you're fully committed to transforming your physical, emotional and mental health....
  • If you're ready to awaken the beautiful, loving & healthy being you are and reveal the healthy-self that lies dormant inside you….

I invite you to join me on a journey of awakening, self-revelation and profound inner healing!



What you will get out of the program

  • You will be free of the negative impact of past emotional trauma that is stored in your body, creating physical symptoms
  • You will be free of limiting subconscious emotional patterns, causing you to recycle unpleasant experiences, so you automatically create new, healthy experiences.
  • You will transform subconscious automatic coping mechanisms, that cause you to respond at present as if you're in the past, so you handle your present life challenges easily and effectively 
  • You will learn the symbolic language of the body so you know how to translate your physical symptoms to their equivalent emotional themes 
  • You'll have resourceful beliefs that effortlessly create happiness, vitality and health
  • You'll have effective stress management tools so you deal resourcefully with negative emotions and conflict situations
  • You will live by your truth, so you create a life that suits you and fulfills your needs 
  • You will have a plan of action for implementing the principles and tools you learned in the program in everyday situations, so you maintain your achievements long after the program is completed 

Here is exactly what you get with the program:

  • 10 Pre-recorded video sessions where you learn the principles and tools you need for the healing process 
  • Individually tailored home practice exercises to ensure that you integrate the tools in relation to your personal health condition correctly and effectively
  • 5 Individual Skype meetings with me. The first Skype meeting is soon after registration so I am familiar with your needs, challenges and goals. This is necessary so guide you accurately through the program and ensure that you achieve your goals.
  •  4 Skype meetings throughout the program to oversee your advancement, keep you focused and on track and fine-tune application of the newly learned tools to your personal needs.
  • Unlimited Email Support 
  • 4 High Value Bonuses to enhance and deepen the inner process, making it easier, quicker and all the more effective
  • Session Transcripts 
  • Life-time acess to program materials by downloading sessions to your PC or MAC

Bonus 1- An Original One-Of-A-Kind Change Your Mind SuperSleep® MP3

(This bonus litreally heals you while you sleep...)

Courtesy of Dr. Teri Mahaney, PhD, listed in Who's Who of women, honored as international leader & achievement, outstanding woman of the year and innovative teacher of the year and creator of the Change Your Mind SuperSleep® method. 

Her private clients include NBA and NFL stars, military heroes, CEOs, underachievers, people in transition, people needing re-balance and healing and spiritual seekers. The Change Your Mind SuperSleep® work has been referenced in books on the brain and learning such as "Super Memory" and "Super Learning 2000". 

The Change Your Mind SuperSleep® MP3 enhances your healing process by clearing limiting beliefs and replacing them with positive affirmations.

And the best part? It does all that while you sleep! Yes... all you need to do to get reults from this program is listen to it at night when you go to sleep.

That means that in addition to the healing processes I will guide you through, subconscious healing will be happening while you sleep as well, which is why this bonus is a huge boost and contributes so much to the overall process you'll go through in the program! You will also receive an interview with Dr. Mahaney where she explains the method and its benefits.

Bonus Value: $1,200

Bonus 2- A Bach Flower (Homeopathic) Remedy 

Dr. Bach MD, immunologist and bacteriologist developed homeopathic remedies that promote healing, by rebalancing emotional, mental and physical issues at their core source - the energy system. 

With 30 years experience behind me, training practitioners and applying the remedies in my healing protocols, I know for fact how powerful and effective Bach remedies are and what a huge contribution they are to healing processes.In this bonus, you will receive a remedy mixture, to support your individual process.

The remedy will push your system towards the results you wish to achieve in the program, easily, quickly and extremely effectively.

Bonus Value: $200 

Bonus 3 - Special Bonus Session: Setting & Achieving Goals

In this bonus, you will recieve an additional, pre-recorded session that will help you set clear, measurable and achievable goals for the program to ensure that you experience success.

Bonus Value: $120

Bonus 4 - Personality - The Secret Aspect in Inner Healing

How Personality Affects Your Health Condition by Molding Typical Beliefs, Emotional & Behavior Patterns

In this bonus lecture you will identify your personality type including typical beliefs, emotional and behavior patterns so that you leverage your strengths, bypass your weaknesses and support your body to achieve optimal health. The sesssion includes a self-evaluation questionnaire to help you maximize your benefit.

Bonus Value: $120

So What's Your Investement Today?

Your investment today is much cheaper than the alternatives. An average therapy session with a good therapist costs around $150. Most people go to therapy for years before they start seeing results. $150 per session times 52 sessions a year = $7,800 for the first year alone! Based on my clients’ results – I can tell you that they make more progress in much shorter a time.

Plus – you also get 5 private sessions with me to guide you through the program, so you get the highest benefit possible.  

So by spending less time and less money, you get better and much faster results with this program than you would with a therapist.  

And about the cost of medical teatment? You KNOW how high that can be. (And I’m not gonna even start talking about the side effects!) But, if that would work just to alleviate the pain that you have, it would be worth it, right? Well, this program is going to be cheaper than that. And it WILL alleviate the pain! (Assuming you take action on what I teach you.) 

The worst “side-effect” of this program is you become healthier and more resilient physically and emotionally. 

Comparing options, the $2300 investment in this program is a bargain.  

But you’re not going to pay that… 

Since this is a special program launch, I’m offering a launch-only deal

You will get the entire program for just $1,790 

(That includes all the program sessions, all the bonuses and 5 private 1-on-1 private sessions with me.)

Also, in case you are not 100% pleased with what you get, you are covered by my no-nonsense...

 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I understand that you may be unsure if the program suits you. For that reason and so you feel 100% confident to give it a chance – I'm offering a 30 day – full refund satisfaction guarantee, which means that within the first 30 days into the program, if for any reason you're dissatisfied or wish to discontinue the program- just send me an email to support@joan-jacobs.com and you'll be fully refunded. No questions asked. I promise. 

The reason I can give you this bold guarantee is that I'm 100% sure that my method will get you results. I 'd rather not take your money if it doesn't. I developed this program because I have a passion for helping people just like you, which is why I can promise you that I will return your money if you're not completely satisfied. When was the last time you got that kind of a guarantee from a doctor?

WARNING: This Program Is NOT For Everyone! Who This Program Is For:

This program is for you if:

  • You suffer from chronic disease or physical ailments and wish to heal your mind and your body so you can finally free yourself from the condition.
  • You wish to take complete ownership and control over you inner world, so you can live a more empowered, resourceful and healthy life. 
  • You wish to live by your truth so you can be happier, more fulfilled and stress-free.
  • You are ready to put in work! Yes, the results from the program can be astounding… but ONLY if you truly apply yourself, go through the sessions, and do the exercises. You will get nothing out of this program, if you don't do the work

 Who This Program Is NOT For:

It's NOT for you, if:

  • You are looking for a magic pill. There are no magic pills in life. At least none that I know of. You will have to put in work to make results happen for you.
  • You're not willing to do serious inner work. Yes, this program requires that you to do serious introspection,which can be a little bit uncomfortable at times. But that's a good thing. It's a sign that you're growing.

Also… (And this is very important, so please read this carefully…) I will not be able to help everyone. That's just the nature of things. I've helped many people, with many different diseases. There are some individuals that I just can't help! And I will know if I can help you or not after we have a preliminary consultation Which is why..

My Special Offer To You: A FREE 1-on-1 Preliminary Consultation 

By the end of this call, I will be able to tell you for sure if this program is a good fit for you or not.

In addition, here is what you will get from this call:

  • The most correct way to significantly reduce physical pain and discomfort without chemical drugs.
  • You'll discover your limiting inner story that's preventing you from experiencing health, feeling good and maximizing your potential.
  • I will guide you to the proper frameworks that will give you personal solutions, so the process of inner change is accurate, effective and fast.

To Sign Up To Get Your FREE Preliminary Consultation With Me, Click The link Below And Fill In The Opt-In Form. 

Here Is What My Clients Are Saying:

"It was like magic. I lost weight, my glucose and blood pressure are down"

Michal Mahler from Joan Jacobs on Vimeo.

"Today I am free of suffering."

Yehudit Rostovitz from Joan Jacobs on Vimeo.

"If you're dealing with a health condition, don't wait for it to worsen. Join the program as soon as possible."

Nili Dor HaElla Final from Joan Jacobs on Vimeo.

"Thanks to the program I went through outstanding personal transformation"

Haya Pinchas Talks about Unleashing The Healthy-Self Online Program from Joan Jacobs on Vimeo.

"Today I am free of my stomach aches and dizziness. I say what I want instead of bottling it up"

Rachel Alberg Talks about Unleashing The Healthy-Self Online Program from Joan Jacobs on Vimeo.

"Joan made me feel I was her only client."

"The course was challenging, but amazing. I loved doing it and have learnt so much about myself. Joan made me feel I was her only client. She responded so quickly and with such empathy to everything I ‘threw’ at her. It has taught me to love myself, to listen to my body and to believe in my body's ability to heal itself. I would definitely recommend it to others with chronic health conditions." Elaine, UK

"I am still drifting on the waves of the new confidence you gave me."

"I am still drifting on the waves of the new confidence you gave me. I will cherish them deep in my heart, my soul and my body. Your extremely accurate identification of the emotional blueprint that was holding me back was a miracle! I would never have had the courage to voice the belief that I cannot go on living without my husband. Now I feel and know that I can! Thank you so much for that and a big hug!" Nurit

"The transformation that you initiated deserves a standing ovation!"

"The depth of your listening, The concentration you put in before answering... Letters, words, plant essences and inspiration, all require to say Thank You! I'm not one to flatter easily or offer empty rhymes. After 2 sessions I will say this: The transformation that you initiated deserves a standing ovation! You are an accurate, calculated, educated, reasoned and an ever so giving woman. Your main quest is to improve the quality of life and reform the soul. You are one of a kind. Very special and definitely blessed with magic!" Yehezkel

"The program is powerful and empowering – a true eye opener."

"One word: WOW! In two words: WOW & THANK YOU! The program is powerful and empowering – a true eye opener. Your serenity, acceptance and accuracy are a true inspiration for me! A huge Thank You!" Chaya

"A year since I started the program I am now in a loving and supportive relationship... An additional bonus was that my life long asthma completely disappeared as well."

"I was looking for a way to end my belated singlehood. Other programs were unappealing to me because of high costs and aggressive marketing methods. I chose Joan's program, because she represents modesty, integrity and reliability. I felt that I could trust her and that her method would get me where I wanted to be.

I was frustrated. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong and decided to enroll in "Unleashing The Healthy-Self Online Program". The program material is delivered in a scientific and fascinating way. I learned so much about myself and important principles for life that I continue to apply. A year since I started the program I am now in a loving and supportive relationship. As I write those words, I am almost crying, because I had longed for such a relationship for so many years. 

An additional bonus was that my life long asthma completely disappeared as well. From the beginning of the program, I started experiencing change for the better. My goal was to solve one issue but the inner transformation addressed many other issues in my life. One change facilitated the next. Joan taught me new perspectives, which helped me see the positive in situations. Before the program I saw only the negative. I am now a happier and more content person. Thank you Joan from the bottom of my heart." Shir

"This program is the best gift I could have given myself!"

"I must admit that I was surprised by the high quality of the program. Having listened to leading international mentors I had no idea that I would be so moved and excited. The program material is delivered in detail and accuracy that is worthy of praise. I succeeded in mastering the internal aspects that were limiting me. This program is the best gift I could have given myself!

Dear Joan – Your program meets international standards by all means! I wish you international success." Best wishes, Rona

"My life got back on track including a health condition that miraculously resolved as well!"

"Having read many self-help books and attending numerous personal growth workshops, I couldn’t figure out why my life was still stuck in a rut. In Unleashing The Healthy – Self Online Program I discovered how limiting my beliefs were, what tremendous inner conflict I was in and how my emotions were working against me. Once I mastered what was going on inside me and learned how to manage my inner world resourcefully- my life got back on track including a health condition that miraculously resolved as well!" 

"Then I asked myself why I invest so much money in personal development. "Take the money and go abroad!". But my life isn't forever. I Invest in myself and in managing my life resourcefully so I feel good and make the best of my life. Its so simple and so rewarding!" Aviva Shiloh 

"I didn't expect such a detailed and professional program- one of a kind! Well done! Everyone needs a mentor and you are the best mentor I have ever met". Rina B. 

"The Program gave me tools to continue developing myself. The instruction was fascinating. I'm sorry I didn't know about it earlier in life." Dina S.  

"I loved Joan's relaxed and confident instruction. Thanks to the program I lost a significant amount of weight and got my blood sugar level down. I'm better able to deal what's going on in my life." Nurit Regev

"Accuracy is the name of the game. When processes are defined accurately, introspection is easy. Its easy to see where you're sabotaging yourself and where you need to modify what's going on inside you. The program is a huge gift - Thank You!" Yoran H.  

"The program considerably improved my self-esteem. Thanks to the program I finally opened the business I had dreamed about for years." Yaffa 

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